Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Filipinos in Kansai: We are Here!

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Introduction: Documenting the Filipinos in Kansai

Chapter One. The Philippines and Japan

Chapter Two. 1920s to the 1970s – Jazz, Sports and the Pioneers
Jazz Musicians and Champion Sprinters and Boxers
Pensionados and the Pioneers

Chapter Three. Musikeros, Entertainers and Artists
Musikeros and Entertainers

Chapter Four. Academics and Corporate Professionals
• Academics
• Corporate Professionals

Chapter Five. Trainees, Nurses, Caregivers and Domestic Help
• Trainees
• Nurses and Caregivers
• Domestic help

Chapter Six. Students, Youth, JFCs and Nikkeijins
• Youth Organizations
• Japanese-Filipinos
• Parenting the Japanese-Filipino Children
• Nikkeijins

Chapter Seven. Communities, Organizations and Churches
Communities and Organizations
Community Networks and Churches  

Chapter Eight. Festivals, Celebrations and Filipino Food
• Local Festivals
• Philippine Dances
• Independence Day Celebration
• Filipino Food

Chapter Nine. Contests and Sports
• Singing Contests
• Beauty Contests
• Sports

Chapter Ten. Messages to the Japanese Public
• Theatrical Productions
Kapihan at Talakayan sa Kansai
• Photo Exhibits
• Radio Programs

Chapter Eleven. Issues Faced by Filipinos
• Problems and Other Issues

Chapter Twelve. Responding to the Needs of Filipinos
• Filipino and Japanese Institutions and Organizations
• Filipinos and Charity Work

Chapter Thirteen. Diversified Existence of Filipinos in Kansai
• Filipinos in Kansai: Rooted and Spread Wide